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InterSense Announces New MicroTraxTM User Devices for the IS-900 Inertial-Ultrasonic Motion Tracking System

InterSense Announces New MicroTraxTM User Devices for the IS-900 Inertial-Ultrasonic Motion Tracking System
Redesigned devices bring an unprecedented level of convenience, comfort and elegance to immersive display environments and enhance the use of passive stereo in 3D applications

Bedford, MA — May 31, 2007 — InterSense, Inc., a market leader in precision motion tracking technology, today announced the release of new MicroTraxTM user interface devices for its IS-900 inertial-ultrasonic motion tracking system. The new MicroTrax devices offer a small form-factor head tracker that facilitates the use of passive as well as active stereo glasses in 3D applications, a smaller “clip-on” power pack, an ergonomic hand-held wireless wand designed specifically for immersive display applications, an easy way to insert fresh batteries and now a docking station that provides an attractive “home” in which to store and recharge the devices when not in use. The result is convenience, comfort and elegance — as well as accuracy — in motion tracking for immersive displays.

“We have seen a growing interest in precision tracking for passive stereo immersive display applications, particularly in the European markets,” stated Patricia Katzman, Director of Product Management and Marketing at InterSense. “The slim design of the new MicroTrax head tracker enables it to be easily incorporated into the small profiles of passive glasses, allowing the IS-900 technology to serve a wider range of applications while eliminating the need for any ‘head gear’ at all.”


cbwan found these nice pictures

cbwan found these nice pictures of the new device that I though would be worth posting on here.


It is interesting to note that this device looks quite similar to the device and user interface technique that was developed back in 1995 by Wloka and Greenfield, the Virtual Tricorder:

Wloka, M. M. and Greenfield, E., "The virtual tricorder: a uniform interface for virtual reality," Proceedings of UIST '95: 8th ACM  Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology, 14-17 Nov. 1995, pp. 39-40, 1995.

Here is a picture of the tricorder as seen from inside a virtual world:

The virtual tricorder was itself inspired by the device of the same name in the Star Trek series and movies.


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