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Welcome to VResources, the Virtual Reality resource page

We welcome you at VResources, an affiliate web site of Virtual Simulations Inc. were you will find the latest information about virtual reality, 3D computer graphics, data visualisation (Viz-Sim) and related technologies. VResources goal is to provide the most complete information to professionals in all markets including people in the academic and military domains.

If you are looking for professional and personalized support for your virtual reality, immersive visualisation and simulation needs or need to buy VR hardware or software, please see our corporate web site at: www.virtasim.com. There you will have access to consulting and virtual reality systems design services.

Our hope in providing our web visitors and clients these two entities is to encompass everything our clients need to successfully take the technological turn to Virtual Reality which is expected to gain significant momentum in the years to come.

Speaking for all the people at VResources, I hope you will have a great time browsing through our web sites and that you will find what you are looking for.


Virtual Simulations Inc.

Rendering for an Interactive 360º Light Field Display

Rendering for an Interactive 360º Light Field Display

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NASA Selects GL Studio® for Orion Spacecraft Display Prototyping

NASA Selects GL Studio® for Orion Spacecraft Display Prototyping

GL Studio Now Used by Top Two Manned Space Exploration Organizations

Boeing Apache Helicopter Flight Simulators Provide High Fidelity Training


ST. LOUIS, July 27, 2007 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] has developed and delivered 23 Apache Longbow Crew Trainers -- deployable, full-mission, high-fidelity flight simulators -- to the U.S. Army and Dutch Air Force and is under contract for an additional five trainers for both U.S. and international customers.

Interactive 3D-environments based on MPEG-4


August 11th, 2007
by Roland Piquepaille

Modeling Plants Provides Virtual Approach To Crop Optimization


Science Daily — Combining computer science, biochemistry and horticulture in the EUREKA E! 2544 E PLANTS project has resulted in a much faster and more exact model to speed the investigation and monitoring of plant behaviour and growing conditions. Farmers can make better use of resources, resulting in cheaper and better quality food for all and learn more effective crop management as they can visualise precisely and clearly what is happening in their fields.

Computers Expose The Physics Of NASCAR

Science Daily — It's an odd combination of Navier-Stokes equations and NASCAR driving.

China steals U.S. simulation technology that will boost Beijing's combat training

Bill Gertz
August 10, 2007
China espionage

Chinese military intelligence collectors scored a recent coup in stealing valuable U.S. simulation technology that will boost Beijing's combat training.

Xiaodong Sheldon Meng, 42, a former Beijing resident, pleaded guilty Aug. 1 in California to illegally providing China's military with embargoed software used in air force and navy training.

Meng also pleaded guilty to stealing proprietary corporate technology known as "Mantis" while working for the San Jose-based Quantum3D Inc., and attempting to sell it to China's Navy Research Center.


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